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The Three Critical Steps To Improving Student Learning Outcomes in the Modern Education System

Every school leader’s overarching goal is to Improve Student Learning Outcomes…

According to John Hattie, a leading academic in the field of education the two largest variances affecting student learning outcomes are the innate abilities of the students themselves (50%) and teacher effectiveness which accounts for 30%.

“It is what teachers know, do, and care about which is very powerful in this learning equation.” John Hattie.

We can’t change the innate abilities of our students, but we can influence the way they are taught, helping them to be their best – highly functioning, resilient adults who can think independently and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

This White Paper outlines a program which will help schools in the 21st Century Improve Their Students’ Learning Outcomes through creating more effective and engaged teachers.

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Group 8 Education White Paper 2013 – Improving Student Learning Outcomes

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