Case Study

Kath Walsh, Development Manager, Sacred Heart Newtown

Over the last few years our school has been working closely and diligently on the SIF (School Improvement Framework), and we’ve discovered that one of the main areas we can improve is staff attitude.

Being part of the leadership team comprising our principal, 3 deputies and 3 non-teaching staff members, I was involved in searching for a program which would improve our school’s results.

We were initially exposed to John’s work through reading the “The success zone” where we learned about Red and Blue Zone thinking response mechanisms.

The leadership team subsequently decided to buy into the PD&C program as a way to improve teacher effectiveness.

What I particularly liked was the idea that everyone from teachers, non-teaching staff and students would be involved in the program.  I also saw it as a way to take control of my own personal development.

The more I heard about the program the more convinced I became that joining was the right decision for our school.

We started the program in early 2013, and we’ve ensured that the roll out happened quickly in layers starting with…

  1. Senior management team
  2. School executives (heads of departments)
  3. Teaching staff
  4. Non-teaching staff roll out is taking place as we speak

While it’s only been a short time since we started the program, changes in attitude have begun.

The PD&C program asserts we need to learn to listen more effectively.  

We’ve learned that rather than making recommendations and suggestions on how to solve things, to ask questions like “if the world was perfect, how would it be?” and let the “owner” of the problem come up with  their own answers and solutions.

I really like working with John.  He’s sincere and I really feel that his program works.

However, I am conscious that I have to make a decision that I want to open myself up to the process.

Through John’s coaching I set a goal that I had wanted to achieve for some years.  Working though the coaching sessions and follow up calls, I have been able to achieve what I set out to do 9 years ago.  To me this is a very satisfactory outcome indeed.

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