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Improving Student Learning Outcomes in Australian Schools

Dear Principal,

The education system needs to develop resilient, collaborative and creative young adults who can think and act for themselves and be meaningful contributors to society.

Educationalists all agree that improving teacher effectiveness is one of the primary keys to achieving this via improving student learning outcomes.

Conservative estimates suggest that students benefiting from the experience of a highly effective teacher learn twice as much compared to students who are not so fortunate.  Therefore, the key to producing higher performing students is through producing more effective teachers.

Teachers who embrace a learning culture, are open to collaboration and openly engage with their students and peers.  Who also understand appraisal and feedback of their own performance is essential to their continued professional development.

But many teachers are mired in the old ways of top-down teaching where content is imparted to students who are required to conform or else.

As one senior Principal put it…

“The majority of teachers focus ninety-nine per cent of their energy on delivering the content without any regard to feedback from their students.  It’s a rare teacher who takes the time to sit back and reflect on their practice – what’s working, what’s not and how their teaching could be improved.

Add to this the fact that most teachers model their style on the way they were taught – generally a top down, command and control methodology where the teacher believes they need to firmly control the class and get unconditional respect from their students, regardless of the way they themselves treat the students.”

The obvious question then is, how do you improve teacher appraisal, engagement and effectiveness in the classroom given the current way teaching is conducted in the majority of schools?

Announcing:  The Performance Development and Coaching Program

Designed specifically for the Australian Education system, the Group 8 Performance Development and Coaching program provides a structured methodology which has proven to increase teacher effectiveness which directly impacts student learning outcomes in Australian schools.

Schools that have embraced our program are seeing direct benefits with their staff opening up, being more collegial and embracing change, which ultimately has a positive effect on the whole school’s learning culture.

And as students directly model the adults around them, they too form adult mind sets and are able to live, contribute and thrive in the modern world.

You can read more about our programs here.

If you would like more information regarding the Group 8 Performance Development & Coaching Program and how it could benefit your school, I invite you to call me on 0418 432 316 or email me at jcorrigan@gr8education.com and arrange a confidential, no obligation first meeting where we’ll sit down and discuss your situation.

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